This week’s installment of Label 55 Confidential, we sit down with talented up-and-coming actress and model, Amanda Sarah Baker.

Q: How long have you been involved in the entertainment industry?

A: I have actively been pursuing acting since I graduated from the Atlantic Acting School in December 2012.

Q: What are you involved in?

A: I am actively involved in acting in film, television and commercials as well as theater and voice-over works. I also do headshot photography for various actors on the side.

Q: How did you get into it?

A: I started in the industry because my family works in the entertainment industry, so  I have always been surrounded by theatrical types. This led me to studying acting at The Neighborhood Playhouse as a child, later moving on to The George Washington University as a Theater Major and The New York Film Academy for a summer intensive course. I finally moved on to The Atlantic Acting School 2.5 Year Conservatory Program, and now I am currently studying comedy at The Upright Citizens Brigade.

Q: What caused you to go to acting school?

A: After going to LA for a 10-day audition showcase in the spring of 2010, I felt that the type of roles I wanted to get weren’t at my current level of acting as I knew wanted to be cast in lead roles, and I knew I wouldn’t get far without further training. I then decided to go back to school and study in a conservatory program, so I could learn the proper skills one needs to be able to audition for leading roles.

Q: Biggest obstacle faced so far? How’d you overcome it?

A: Trying to get an agent has been my biggest obstacle so far. However, I am constantly submitting myself for projects and auditioning through various actor casting sites as I’ve begun learn and enjoy the process and accepted that this is a lifelong career, with nothing happening overnight.

Q: Did you have any mentors to help guide your way?

A: I have been very fortunate to have many mentors throughout my life thus far.  One mentor whose advice has been imprinted in the way I view my acting is an actress named, Zoe Caldwell who said, “You don’t just want to be an actress.  You want to be an important actress.” As I grow, I am beginning to truly understand what she meant by that statement as it’s not about being famous, but more about doing work you love and believe in and stretches you as a person and as an entertainer.

Q: Biggest success to date?

A: I was really proud of my first official IMDB credit for a feature length film entitled “Confidentiel” directed by Rich McKee.

Q: Long-term Goal in the industry?

A: My long-term goal in the industry is to have a long lasting successful career as an actress.  If I had to pick one dream, it would be to play a leading role in a feature film and or a leading part in a unionized theatrical production.

Q: Somebody you always wanted to work with?

A: I’ve always wanted to work with Amy Pohler, Robin Williams, William H. Macy, Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey, Meryl Streep, and Shia Labeouf.

Thank you Amanda for sitting down with us and giving us a glimpse into your world.

Check out a few pictures of this lovely actress as well as a clip featuring her below.

Creative Talent – Actress, Model, Amanda Sarah Baker

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