As LeBron James celebrates his second championship in two years as well as his second MVP in two years, Coca-Cola will unveil a new LeBron James Sprite Can.

As mentioned by numerous reports, LeBron, although possessing numerous major endorsements deal with the likes of State Farm Insurance, Coca-Cola, Beats By Dre, Nike and Samsung, the only recent commercials or activation featuring LeBron has been with Beats By Dre. None of these companies even aired a LeBron featured commercial during the NBA finals that LeBron was playing in.

However, as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reportsSprite will be presenting a new LeBron congratulatory limited edition soda can pictured below.

Maybe this will lead to other brands activating LeBron and we can see a roll-out of new commercials featuring LeBron.

Based on my estimations, we will find out sooner rather than later due to the increased spotlight on the lack of LeBron featured marketing campaigns.

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