Crown Royal Black

Conversations in Black Content Series

In 2013, Crown Royal wanted to introduce a new product line, Crown Royal Black to New York’s influential nightlife scene. Label 55 was presented with the opportunity to seed and sample their product to their crowd of New York City influencers and tastemakers. Under the brand’s ambition that everyone should be “…living the Crown Life,” Label 55 was able to create a content series entitled “Conversations In Black” to document some of New York’s “future royalty” in the art and culture scene, including exclusive interviews with fine artist, Misha T and independent film director, Joey Angerone.

For the content series, Label 55 chose three emerging talents to showcase with a documentary piece that explored their craft, what it took for them to achieve greatness, and what it means to “Live the Crown Life.” The pieces were then premiered at Label 55’s networking series event, Label 55: Social Club, an industry networking event where an exclusive group of New York’s influencers were treated to a first time tasting experience of Crown Royal Black.

The Crown Royal Black x Label 55: Social Club proved to be a success with over sixteen bottles were sampled by more than two hundred guests throughout the night. The night was documented on social media with the hash-tag campaigns for #ConversationsInBlack and #CrownLife. Generating over 30,000 media impressions, the small intimate event allowed for Crown Royal to effectively introduce their product in an organic and natural setting to its desired