Music: Zeke Thomas – Dealin’ With It


Celebrity DJ and Producer, Zeke Thomas brings us his latest release, “Dealin’ With It.”

As described, “this Pop infused dance tune grooves along with a bubbling bass line and silky, soulful vocals, atop ambient vocal samples and pumping four on the floor drums” as Zeke steps into the vocal both for the first time.

Zeke Thomas has been in the news lately, including being interview by Good Morning America and New York Magazine about the inspiration for his newest track and a bit more topics. He also goes into a bit more about his debut single, “Regret” as well as artist he’d love to work and tour with in a recent interview with “Gallo The Guy You Know“.

Check the full interview with him and “Gallo The Guy You Know” below in addition to listening to his newest track.