Label 55 Confidential: Artist, Lucky


In our newest installment of Label 55 Confidential, we sit down with talented artist, Lucky a/k/a Lucky Rabbit.

Lucky has been taken the art world by storm as he utilizes pop culture and other societal values and weaves them into his creation.

We sat down with him to learn a bit more.

Q: What is “art” to you?
A: Wow, art is everything for me. I am about figuring out a way to have fun and be me while working within the system to make it possible. Graffiti and art are my first thought when I wake up and the last one when I go to sleep. I try to rest and sometimes I just want to get up and make new pieces because I’m afraid to lose it. Nothing in my life has sense if it isn’t related with art and graffiti and I can’t imagine how empty my life could be without it.

Q: How long have you been involved in the creative arts industry?
A: I got involved at an young age as I was always inspired by old comics, giant monsters, science fiction robots, heavy rock and skateboarding. I collected toys and I was drawing and recreating characters. I was into a lot of Jim Henson’s work. At a young age I was skateboarding and collecting some of the [skateboard] decks with cool graphics on them. I got into my first art show in kindergarten at the Florida State Fair. Later, I moved to New York where I had my crew out in Harlem – AWP – Always With Paint and my other crew – Built To Mob in Brooklyn. The writers always encourage my style and we had something I can’t explain to this day to keep driving us. I was brought up and hanging around some big names which later influenced me and showed me that I could make it as an artist doing this kind of thing and having fun.

Q: Who were some of your artistic influences?
A: Some of my artistic influences I would say are my freinds and other artist and graffiti writers. It’s always nice to see paint and know other people are doing this. I feel a strong pull toward raising awareness about working with nature and changing the system.
I love exploring and adventure, getting to explore new environments preferably in the company of a good freind. Maybe we pack a lunch of waffles and pancakes. I want to keep developing and learning new ways to do what I enjoy doing.

Q: What’s the biggest obstacle faced so far?
A: The biggest obstacle has been maintaining a balance in my life. Keeping up with the times while also traveling and adapting to the present situations. It is also difficult to manage all the things that fall under being an artist when all I really want to be doing is creating and sending peace and love. I try to over come these obstacles by just taking a breath and taking things one step at at a time.

Q: What was the most important advice you’ve been given?
A: The most important advice I had been given may come from a book my freind Ernie Reyes Jr. have me. He gave me a book signed by the RZA called “The Tao of Wu.” Happiness– which is total and complete satisfaction with yourself. This means you realize that nothing and nobody else can make you happy because happiness is something you get from yourself. If you’re completely satisfied with yourself, nobody can take it away from you.

Q:What is your most proud accomplishment to date?
A: My most proud accomplishment to date would be manifesting control of myself and getting to voice my self through visualization. Being surrounded by great friends and staying prepared. I also had a great time at Miami’s Art Basel last year.

Q: What’s your goal of your artwork?
A: The goal of my artwork is to keep learning and developing while inspiring others to be themselves. I also want to spread a message that raises and unifies our planets love for itself. It’s the only home we got.

Q: Who is somebody you always wanted to work with?
A: I would look forward to working with some of the bigger crews or artists like the weird crew or the collectives to do more mural projects. Also working with toy companies like Kid Robot. I just want a team of strong influenced artist that can work together to do awesome projects and have fun. I want there to be more unity in the art world instead of all the cliques.

Q: What does the immediate future hold for your artistic career?
A:The immediate future for me is I am panting live for a San Franciso based company event in New York City. I am going to produce some stickers and pins and focus on a website. I should also be putting up additional work in a few different locations in Soho and I’m currently putting together another show.

Thanks for the insight into your career and make sure you check out some of his amazing work below and follow his Instagram for the latest on this talented artist.


Label 55 Confidential: Lucky