Friday Night Cartoons – JW Cortes Episode

During the break, there’s probably no better past time than vegging out in front of the television for some good old binge watching. One of the holiday seasons best binge watching shows, was easily one of the best new shows on television this year. That was Fox’s hit show Gotham. Whether you are new to comic book city or a die hard fan of the Caped Crusader, there’s something in this prelude for everyone.

Friday Night Cartoons caught up with JW Cortes, who plays Detective Alverez on the hit TV show.  We found out that the New York native has more in common with his character other than calling Gotham home. Just like his character, Cortes also served in law enforcement for the city of New York, as well as serving his country in the military, before dedicating his talents to the screen.

And if you enjoy hearing that story, you’ll get a kick on how he met his wife. A real made for TV romance. Great guy, whose sure to be a regular on your TV screens. Check out our interview with JW Cortes after the jump, and tune into Friday Night Cartoons every Friday at 8pm on