Video: Uncle Drew – Part 4

As the NBA season is picking up right where it leftover last year (with Steph Curry dominating), Pepsi’s star and Cleveland Cavs’ look-a-like, Uncle Drew is back for part four of his epic adventures. Kyrie, I mean, Uncle Drew trains […]

20 Of The Worst “Dead” Money Deals

While we all wake-up on this Fall Halloween Eve day, ESPN brings us a list of 20 of the worst “dead” money deals in sports, to brighten(?) our day. Yes, these are professional athletes paid millions of dollars not to play, […]

Former MLB All-Star Vernon Wells Becomes Sports Agent

Once a player retires, some go on to coach, others to broadcast; but, the select few, such as former MLB All-Star, Vernon Wells, take the MLB agent certification test and become sport agents. Per The Sports Agent Blog and Baseball Essential, […]